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Speed Connect-PhoneBook

1.08 usd

Who dose it need to? -I have a lot of addresses in the address book but I always contact to someone steady. -I contact to same people several times a day. -I want to contact ASAP. "SpeedConnect" is a great tool application made from the user requests that is very hard to use to find the person you want to contact. Add the person to whom you often send the e-mail and call into "SpeedConnect" from address book. Then you just tap it to do Phone call,SMS/MMS and register schedule quickly. "SpeedConnect" will be the best application if you would like to contact one of them ASAP such a "Contacts have been determined","The phone or e-mail several times a day" etc. in your daily live.
*Features -Interlocking function with Phone call,SMS,E-mail,Schedule book. -Import the address -Sort, Edit/Delete the address. -Choose wallpapers. -Add/Delete the groups. -Change the touch function.